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LiveBand.TV: S2/EP4 – Jeff Ng 黃長俊

LiveBand.TV SEASON2/EP4: Genova Ent. 「勁爆法」 & FriendsFeat: Jeff Ng 黄長俊Jeff is a Local Singer-Songwriter who has made quite an impact in the Singapore’s Mandopop Scene and also Social Media in recent years. With strong influences and inspirations from other successful Mandopop singer-songwriters such as Jay Chou and JJ Lin, he is working towards the same goal to share his music with the world. Jeff made it to Top 22 in Voice of China (Local SG) audition in 2014, snagged champion titles in many local singing competitions, held countless showcases and even had a sold-out ticketed mini concert for his first EP showcase in 2017. He is currently working on his second album.In EP4, we have a big surprise for all of Jeff's Fans!An important announcement and shoutout!What is it gonna be? Stay tuned to EP4!LiveBand.TVSEASON2/EP4:26th July 2018 (20:00 HRS)HOSTED by: Chen Xing (星) POWERED by: Genova Ent. 「勁爆法」SOUND by: Ryan TanLIVE STREAM: Will Dylan, Michael Koh, Willie YuenVENUE: Lion Studios ————————————————LiveBand.TV 第二季/第四集:Genova Ent. 「勁爆法」 & FriendsFeat: Jeff Ng 黄長俊 「Jeff黃長俊」是一名本地獨立創作歌手. 近幾年來也在本地華語流行音樂歌壇裡,還有社交媒體上有巨大的成就. 身為創作歌手, 「周杰倫」「 林俊傑」都一直都是Jeff的推動力. 他希望有朝一日也能夠跟他們一樣踏上國際舞台, 分享他的音樂, 讓全世界聽到他的歌聲.2014年中國好聲音(新加坡海選)打入了22強, 他也在許多本地大小歌唱比賽奪冠. 2017年舉辦了自己的迷你音樂會與個人售票演唱會. Jeff目前在籌備第二張個人專輯.LiveBand.TV第四集,我們也準備了一個非常大的驚喜給所有支持Jeff的粉絲朋友們!這也對他本人非常重要. 想要知道是什麼驚喜嗎?敬請期待!LIVEBAND.TV第二季/第四集:7月26號 (禮拜四)晚上八點準時首播!本節目主持人: Chen Xing (星) LIVE搖滾樂團扶持: Genova Ent. 「勁爆法」調音師: Ryan Tan現場直播組: Michael Koh, Will Dylan, Willie Yuen錄音室: Lion Studios #3Women1Show #3個女人一個秀 #LiveBroadcast #VarietyShow #LiveBandTV #現場直播 #綜藝節目 #GenovaEnt #Genova #勁爆法 #LiveBand #RockBand #搖滾樂團#ChenXing #陳星 #歌手 #藝人 #主持人 #Host #Singer #Artiste #jeffng #黃長俊 #創作歌手#singersongwriter #local

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3 Women And A Show – LiveBand.TV Weekly Live Stream on Facebook Live Streaming

三个女人一个系 – 第二集

三个女人一个系 – 第一季节,第二集。现场直播!For more detail information on the guest and uninterrupted live broadcast, you can also view at Please skip to about 2min to the start of the show.

Posted by LiveBand.TV on Wednesday, 14 February 2018

LiveBand.TV; EP2/第二集: Seah JiaQing 余珈慶

LiveBand.TVGenova Ent. 「勁爆法」 & Friends;SEASON2/EP2: Seah JiaQing 余珈庆A Multi-instrumentalist,JiaQing has been actively performing for about 8 years now in almost every concept of Live Music Performances you can name. From cafes, to bistros, to pubs, clubs, weddings, events and etc. Being versatile, he has also acted in a few local film productions. Wanna find out more?Be sure to catch him LIVE!This will be a very Musician-Friendly episode. 🙂LiveBand.TVSEASON2/EP2:28th June 2018 (20:00 HRS)Thursday 8pm. Stay tuned!HOSTED by: Chen Xing (星)POWERED by: Genova Ent. 「勁爆法」——————————————LiveBand.TVGenova Ent. 「勁爆法」 & Friends;第二季/第二集: Seah JiaQing 余珈庆一位掌握了許多樂器的才子,珈慶已在新加坡音樂圈子裡打拼了大約8年的時間. 從餐廳,到酒吧,夜店,婚禮,尾牙活動,他已全瞭如指掌. 不只是個音樂人,珈慶也擔任了幾部本地製作電影的男主角.想要更了解「余珈慶」嗎?這將會是個樂手非常喜歡的一集!LIVEBAND.TV第二季/第二集6月28號,這禮拜四!晚上八點準時首播!本節目主持人: Chen Xing (星)LIVE搖滾樂隊扶持: Genova Ent. 「勁爆法」#3Woman1Show #3個女人一個秀 #LiveBroadcast #VarietyShow #LiveBandTV #現場直播 #綜藝節目 #GenovaEnt #Genova #勁爆法 #LiveBand #RockBand #搖滾樂團#ChenXing #陳星 #歌手 #藝人 #主持人 #Host #Singer #Artiste

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