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Event Live Streaming, a business tactics to lure in more sales

Ever since the era of social media, many businesses have tapped on this technology to promote their brand online and use live streaming to market their events to the mass audience as part of the video marketing campaign. Not to mention the fact that Live Streaming Technology is in trend right now and constantly evolving to cater for individual’s requirement or company’s need for their marketing campaign.

When your company has the agenda to host an online webinar event and has broadcast the event date in advance via social media or advertisement, it may still be a challenge to attract audiences who are genuinely interested in the event unless the company has used live streaming as the tool to get more viewers which increase the potential for better sales conversion after the event.

There are many ways a business can use evet live streaming to develop leads generation and boost both sales and branding at the same time. For simplicity, I have listed down few of the video marketing tactics which most companies have used it with great results.

  1. To attract potential customers using live streaming, it is important for the hosting company to promote their video using topics that are appealing that come with a catchy title. Followed by using creative ways to structure the presentation during the live event and leads these viewers into the intended marketing and sales funnel by taking advantage of the interaction between the presenter and the participants to pitch and promote their product or services online.

Furthermore, towards to the end-of-video pitch, the marketing team will be to check and qualifying prompts to determine which are the viewers who are genuinely interested in the sales presentation so they can follow up after the event to close the sale. Another word, the more the viewer interact in the live chat during the event by expressing interest in the product. The higher the chance that the sales team can close the deal with this viewer.

  1. Offering special discounts or one-time promotion in the live event is another factor that can attract viewers. This is based on the fact that video presentation sells product or service way better than images. Plus the added bonus for exclusive one time offer, most people will find it hard to resist the temptation of such offers which in turn increase the sales conversion significantly for the company that host the live streaming event.
  2. When the live event is over, some companies will just upload it to their website for product reference but other companies will use this opportunity to convert the video content into a product and upsell it to the general public via social media to earn extra profit. The only catch is that the video content might need software and time to edit the video for marketing reasons and repurpose in such a way that users can only access to the video content after purchase it online. It is also important to include contact details for customer support as the added value to attract more customers.
  3. Depending on the situation, companies may or may not charge people to view the live video event online. This will depend on the who’s the target audience, what kind of product or service the company wants to promote in the live event and how well the company branded themselves as the industry expert. The advantage of charging the live event is that it will ensure that only those who are really interested in the event are willing to spend money to view it online.
  4. Finding sponsors or business affiliates for the live video content is very common for companies hosting marketing events to promote new products or services. Using sponsorship not only reduce the marketing expense for the hosting company but also benefits the sponsors as the event can help to market their brand during the event and include affiliate links in the video descriptions to earn both money and reputation at the same time.

In conclusion, there are many benefits for businesses to live stream their events not only to promote the product or services but also to boost brand awareness. By using the methods mentioned earlier, it is almost a guarantee for companies that host the live streaming event can get the good return of investment in video marketing.